Upgrade of Doaktown WWTP

The goal was to upgrade an existing facultative lagoon with a new aerated lagoon complete with polishing cell and aerated nitrification system. Work included construction of a new HDPE lined aerated lagoon outside of the existing lagoon’s footprint, upgrading a portion of the existing lagoon to an aerated polishing cell, constructing two aerated nitrification chambers within the existing lagoon’s footprint, upgrading the existing sewage lift station, construction of a new blower building, installation of all necessary sanitary sewer and aeration pipes, among others.

One of the main considerations while designing the treatment facility was the temperature of the effluent discharging from the lagoon. Warm water entering the Southwest Miramichi River can have an adverse effect on the salmon in the river. The solution was to construct the aerated nitrification system as the final treatment process before discharging to the river. This system controls the temperature and the ammonia levels of the effluent discharging to the river, maintaining a safe breeding ground for the salmon.

With the completion of the upgrade, the treatment facility meets the CCME and NB DENV effluent standards.

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