Municipal Infrastructure

Engineering services provided by Crandall on civil infrastructure projects include water supply, storage and distribution systems, wastewater collection and treatment, storm water management, rail, highways, roads, residential subdivisions and street construction. Services range from feasibility and cost studies to detailed design, construction supervision and system commissioning.

Crandall has developed particular expertise in municipal water and wastewater systems. The firm has designed and inspected the construction of more than 1000 km of water distribution and transmission pipelines and over 1500 km of storm and sanitary sewer piping.

Crandall has often assisted its clients in their long range planning through water and wastewater master plans. In addition to engineering new systems, Crandall has developed expertise in the replacement and upgrading of deteriorating or undersized systems. This requires special planning to minimize the impact on residents and properties. Crandall utilizes computer modeling software for water, storm and sanitary sewerage systems, to evaluate the performance of existing systems as well as the cost-effective design of upgraded and new systems.

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