Thorne Avenue Sanitary Lift Station No. 4

This project included the design and construction of the largest sewage pumping station in the City of Saint John, including the associated gravity sewers and force main.

The force main from this station is approximately 4.3 km long to convey flows to the Eastern Wastewater Treatment Facility. The building footprint is approximately 18 m x 17 m and the bottom concrete floor is 13.4 m deep from the finished surface. The lift station is a wet well/dry well style station, with a peak pumping capacity of 672 litres/second using three 450 hp pumps. There is a fourth pump for redundancy. Construction work included restoration of existing surfaces and an asphalt driveway and working area around the station.

Crandall completed its portion of the design using AutoCAD Civil 3D, and provided full-time supervision (for pipe work only) and project management throughout the duration of the project. This was part of the overall Harbour Clean-Up project.

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