Dieppe Aquatic Center

Hoadley Engineering (now part of Crandall) provided full service mechanical design for heating, ventilation and fire protection systems in the Dieppe Aquatic Center. With a total construction budget of twelve million dollars, this building boasts a salt water chlorination system and state of the art dehumidification system which heats two recreation pools and one competition pool using reclaimed heat from the dehumidifier.

The mechanical design is seamlessly incorporated into the open concept space where such items as pulse fired natural gas condensing boilers, water saving infrared plumbing fixtures and heat wheel energy recovery ventilation provide a comfortable and efficient indoor environment.

• 2730 m² open concept aquatic center.

• A suitable dehumidification system with integrated pool water reheat capabilities and exposed aluminum duct work which looped through the pool areas serves to maintain air quality while enhancing aesthetics of the space.

• Condensing natural gas pulse boilers provide auxiliary pool heat, domestic hot water and space heat through hydronic duct coils.

• Change room heating and air conditioning is provided by an energy recovery ventilator which utilizes an enthalpy style heat wheel providing 100% outside air while slightly pressurizing this space ensuring pool smells stay in the pool area.

• Administration areas of this facility are served with high efficiency roof top gas fired air handlers and the entire system has a BACnet Direct Digital Control system.

• The entire facility is sprinklered throughout and the pool area incorporates galvanized piping for longevity.

• Low flow infrared plumbing fixtures, integrated pool controls and high efficiency equipment contribute to an economically run community service building.

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