City of Moncton Project – Flood Mitigation Study

As a key task identified in the City of Moncton’s Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the City has retained Crandall Engineering Ltd. in collaboration with IBI Group ( to complete a study of flood mitigation opportunities in two residential areas, including:



These areas have been identified as being the lowest (in elevation) residential communities within City limits, which results in increased exposure and risk to the anticipated effects of climate change.

The objectives of the study are as follows:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the two (2) residential areas and assess their vulnerabilities with respect to surface flooding and sewer backups;
  • Assess the condition of existing flood mitigation infrastructure;
  • Provide engineering assessments and practical solutions on possible flood mitigation measures;
  • Identify options for the reduction of flood damages and complete a cost benefit analysis;
  • Develop an action plan to reduce or avoid flood damage in the two (2) residential neighbourhoods noted above.

The purpose of this web page is to notify you of this project, and bring your attention to the following items:

  • You will find on this page a link to a voluntary survey that will assist us in evaluating options and confirming various information. Your participation in this survey is an important step in identifying potential solutions. We thank you in advance for your participation. You may choose to fill out and mail the paper copy (included with the delivered notice), or fill out the survey online. A link to the survey can be found below. All responses will be kept anonymous.
  • A public consultation session was held in your area in June for the purpose of getting your feedback on some of the proposed mitigation measures prior to a detailed assessment being done. If you weren’t able to attend, you can find a summary of the information presented by following this link.

Please take a few minutes to complete the PROPERTY OWNER SURVEY (either online or the hard copy) and submit your responses to the project team. Your timely cooperation with this will provide the team with valuable data on your area and help to guide key project decisions.

Within the survey is an opportunity to provide your contact information, which will be used to contact you if you have requested it through the survey.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the undersigned.


Lisa Grasse, P.Eng.
Project Manager
Crandall Engineering Ltd.
Tel.: 506-857-2777
Fax: 506-857-2753


Elaine Aucoin, P.Eng.
Director, Environmental Planning and Management
City of Moncton


cc. Moncton City Council